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Ruegsegger Simons & Stern, LLC is a full service defense firm dedicated to providing high quality legal services and being a trusted partner for our clients.  Established in 1999, Ruegsegger Simons & Stern, LLC has grown to become the premier workers’ compensation defense firm in the State of Colorado.   As the firm has grown, we have continued to expand our expertise in order to protect our clients’ interests against all types of risk.  We work with businesses, individuals, employers, and insurers to develop proactive solutions and strategies to help protect their business and manage their risk.  In addition to workers’ compensation, our practice includes the defense of products liability, medical malpractice, premises liability and employment claims, to name a few.

We believe that the roots of a successful representation begin with building strong relationships with our clients.  Each legal issue presents its own challenge, and we understand it is vital to learn the intricacies of our clients’ operations and philosophies. Ruegsegger Simons & Stern, LLC’s attorneys combine that attitude with a commitment to being the superior litigation attorneys and business counselors that you and your company deserve.

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